Our Services

Our goal at The 1040 Company Inc. is to fill the ever-widening service gap in America’s small business. We are dedicated to helping others benefit their own financial destinies by providing unparalleled services allowing us to accomplish our mission.

Tax Consultant

By developing a deep, in-depth understanding of your business tax needs, we are dedicated to helping you succeed in all aspects of your business and tax consulting requirements.

Tax Planning

Our combined knowledge and experience allow us appropriately to prepare even the most complex calculations to ensure appropriate tax accounting and planning.

Tax Strategies

Our overall goal is to help assist you with your tax planning strategies, by offering you the proper resources in combination with business planning and restructuring.

Tax Filing

Our “bet” is that you sometimes wonder whether the fact that you are paying so much in taxes is actually HELPING to achieve that.

Tax Auditing

By recognizing your primary objective, we are able to effectively and efficiently perform a complete financial audit.

Business Structuring

we take the time to understand our business clientele’s concerns and requirements to create a unique business approach.


We provide thorough one-on-one client relationships that allow us to help others benefit their own financial destinies. We are able to do this through seminar-type tax training, coaching, offering guidance and training, and teleconference calls. Don’t pay more than what you need, our tax system is the pivot point on which we stand as we execute the accomplishing of our mission.

Worlds of innovation

We achieve this by helping to you shift your focus a bit! We cause this “shifting of focus” thru training and education. Our experience has been that once you understand that the true underlying purpose of our tax system was NOT to destroy you, financially, but was actually “meant” in its origination to make things “better” for all of us. But, over the years, something has been “lost” to the common man and woman, as regards this particular point!