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"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."

About The 1040 Company.

Welcome to The 1040 Company Inc. where our goal is to fill an ever-widening service gap in America’s small business world which is being/has been created by the downsizing and the outsourcing being done by America’s large businesses.

We help our clients by playing a major role in the cultivation of the revitalization of the American Entrepreneurial Spirit that this is causing.

Tax Planning & Amending

This ‘down-sizing/out-sourcing-phenomena’ has created a deluge of growth, (unprecedented since the beginning of the Industrial Age in this Nation), of the upsurge of businesses from Mainstreet, Shopping malls, to individual homes. The steadily-increasing complexity of our tax regulations over the past 100+ years has caused much of the simplicity of the original rules of the income tax to have become obscure.

Repeated attempts over the years to ‘simplify’ the tax have driven its true simplicity even deeper into oblivion. However, any objective consideration of original tax regulations will demonstrate that, from (their) origins, these regulations were respective of and supportive of Free Enterprise. Such study will also, however, demonstrate that as the powers of state have come to understand the level of financial control they are able to wield, via our income tax system and the lack of the general public’s understanding of it, the more complex and complicated these institutions have helped this simple system to become.

Ignorance (of this system) wanders aimlessly throughout the ranks of the men and women who are most-affected by this system. Young and old alike.

The fact remains, however, that the simplicity of this system remains largely in tact beneath all the (apparent!) intellectual and political efforts to convolute it beyond description or understanding by the common man, for whom it was written and by whom is was/is meant to be understood.

Our tax system, because of a pandemic misunderstanding of it has resulted in its being the single biggest cost in the economy of individual Americans. Individual economies sum-up to equal a National economy. And a strong and sound National economy is vital in the preservation of a thriving Free Enterprise System, the likes of which we may all enjoy. A “system”, by the way, such as has never been experienced by any other Nation in known history!

Over 50 years of frontline experience uniquely qualifies me for this task. A practical, rather than a theoretical approach to this issue has always been the rule in the tax-management of my own business! I have conducted some sort of business out of my own home throughout most of my adult life (using this “practical” rather than “theoretical” approach!). Having devoted the lion’s share of my attention to business operations, using the same modus-operindi, further adds to my qualifications.

Many in my line of work are quick to point out, (when addressing this issue before others), that they are ‘not trying to make you a tax expert’! While I may not be advocating that tax payers become ‘experts on taxes’, I am adamant in my position that one should be, at least, knowledgeable enough about his or her own tax situation to know whether or not the expert has correctly included all the information on (their) tax return that should be on it! I hold this position because there is an obvious and profound lack of attention, on the part of those generally recognized as ‘tax professionals’ in this arena.

This fact is readily substantiated by the sheer number of individuals and businesses that overpay their income taxes each and every year of their lives! The most obvious demonstration of the validity of this statement is the refund of billions of dollars each year in this country, caused by a lack of understanding of (simple!) ‘with-holding’ rules!

Secondarily, my own experience in this field continues to exhibit this fact to me…year after year.

How we can help.

We will forge alliances with individuals and individual professionals and individual organizations who understand the vital-ness of a thriving economy to a Free Enterprise System such as that which we enjoy here in the United States of America; those who are actively involved in doing what they can to preserve and perpetuate this System.

We will continue to stay abreast of a dynamic, ever-changing system of tax rules as they relate specifically to small businesses and home based business operators and operations.

We will continue to expand our ability to address the tax, personal, and business financial planning needs of America’s small and home base business entrepreneurs. We will do this through one-on-one client relationships, seminar-type tax training, record-keeping guidance and training, and tele-conference calls and individual coaching. Helping others to benefit their own financial destinies by not paying more than they need to be paying into our tax system is the pivot-point on which we stand as we execute the accomplishing of our mission.

Helping You Turn Your Hidden Resources Into Ongoing Profits

Tax Consultant

Our experience has been that once you understand that the true underlying purpose of our tax system was NOT to destroy you, financially, but was actually “meant” in its origination to make things “better” for all of us. But, over the years, something has been “lost” to the common man and woman, as regards this particular point!

Tax Planning

Unlike other companies who lack the proper resources to monitor tax planning requirements, our team has the knowledge and experience to perform even the most complex calculations. Therefore, allowing us to appropriately prepare your financial disclosures while evaluating important tax accounting and planning.

Tax Strategies

Our overall goal is to help assist you with your tax planning strategies, by offering you the proper resources in combination with business planning and restructuring. By doing so, we can help identify any issues and complexities to achieve long-term success.

Tax Filing

As a tax filer, our “bet” is that you want to be a part of keeping America Strong! Additionally, our “bet” is that you sometimes wonder whether the fact that you are paying so much in taxes is actually HELPING to achieve that.

Tax Auditing

With our unique business approach, our team is dedicated to spending as much time as it takes to develop an understanding of your issues and requirements. By recognizing your primary objective, we are able to effectively and efficiently perform a complete financial audit.

Business Structuring

As dedicated business advisors with years of professional experience, we take the time to understand our business clientele's concerns and requirements to create a unique business approach to help grown and maintain your business goals and needs.

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